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Death & Burial Records

Two of our volunteers, Evelyn Wekke and Billie Todd, have created spreadsheets which abstract essential genealogical data from some of the death and burial records in the Society's holdings. As these digitization initiatives and other projects they're working on get finished, we'll put more of the content they've created online. Click on the links on the right to see the data. You may also email us to obtain copies of pertinent certificates.

Death Certificates

Death Certificate Listing—1920s—1940s

Death Certificiate Listing—1940s—1950s

Burial Permits
Maryland law required that a burial permit be issued in order for a body to be interred and a sexton or other
person could not permit a burial unless it was accompanied with a certificate from the local registrar.
These records can be a valuable source of genealogical information. Email the Society to obtain actual copies of
the certificates.


Burial Permits Spreadsheet 2 - 1906-1912

Laws of Maryland – 1952
(Burial Permits, Interments, Transportation and Disinterment. ) (a) No interment of the dead body of any
human being or the disposition thereof by entombment, cremation, transportation, dissection, or any other
manner or form of disposition shall be made without a permit as aforesaid from the local registrar or deputy
local registrar of the district where the aforesaid person died, or otherwise than in accordance with
such permit. (b) The transportation of bodies of deceased persons between districts or counties of Maryland or into or out of the State shall be under such rules and regulations as the State Board of Health shall prescribe.
(c) No sexton or person in charge of any cemetery or crematory, or other place for disposal of the dead shall
inter or permit the interment or other disposition of any body unless it is accompanied by a burial permit as
provided in this subtitle. Each sexton or person in charge of any burial ground shall endorse upon the permit the
date of interment.